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kufri Pacific resort

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Kufri hill station is all about breathtaking vistas, picturesque locations, and calm surroundings. Kufri is a reasonably developed town with a variety of sports and adventure activities for visitors. The Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri, which has a significantly rich indigenous biodiversity, is a joy for both wildlife enthusiasts and trekkers.

Kufri Pacific Resort, a part of Pacific Resorts and Hotels Ltd., is located near Munda Ghat, a secluded place surrounded on all sides by deodar forest. It is a traveler's paradise because you may experience pristine tranquility far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. You may enjoy a stunning view of Shimla from the resort, as well as a spectacular dawn and sunset. You may follow short paths around the resort into the surrounding bush to see unique species, and all day long, you can hear the birds chirping, which is enjoyable.

The Kufri Pacific resorts combine the cultural roots, beauty, and recreational core of the town with extraordinary experiences in entertainment, cuisine, and nature. You can select to stay in Alpine rooms, Garden rooms, Executive rooms, or Family rooms according to your choices and availability. One of the distinctive features of the resort is our restaurant, which offers a variety of multi-cuisine delicacies that can enrich your palate. We also provide a fitness center and a space for indoor amusement. Children may play games and participate in other enjoyable activities in the kid's section that we have created. This will free up some time for parents who are traveling with their kids.

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